What Type of Budget Plan Is Right for You?

It’s summer in Massachusetts, and we’re excited to let you know that our fuel budget plans are open for enrollment. When homeowners sign up before winter’s first chill, they are able to take advantage of lower preseason rates and even spread costs out evenly throughout the year.

At Reggie’s Oil, our priority is ensuring all our customers can afford the fuel they need to keep their homes warm and comfortable all season long. That’s why we offer a variety of pricing plans that can work with any budget.

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Budget Plan: Q&A

What is the Capped Price Program?

At Reggie’s, we offer capped pricing! This represents the maximum per gallon price that customers will pay for next season’s heating oil. To offer these benefits, we purchase heating oil specifically for our Capped Price customers at what we anticipate being a low pre-season rate each summer.

To note, this program is different than a fixed-price program. Our customers will still be buying oil at Reggie’s current daily prices as long as that price is lower than the capped price, and you will have the benefit of not paying more than the capped price even if the price of oil increases. If you’re interested, sign up by July 1st to take advantage of this amazing program.

How can I pay for the Capped Price Program?

We offer multiple ways to ensure all homeowners in the South Shore area are able to incorporate this kind of service plan into their monthly budgets. To enjoy the benefits of the lowest-price program we offer, there are two different payment methods for you to choose from.

What is a Budget Plan?

We’ll focus on determining your oil requirements for the following heating season based on your average annual fuel usage and multiply that by the capped price. This figure will be used as the estimated cost it takes to heat your home throughout this upcoming winter season. We’ll break this number into 10 equal monthly installments that are to be paid from July through April. It’s important to know that finance charges do get added to installments not received by the first of each month and any missed payments will result in forfeiting the right to purchase oil at the capped price.

How does the Pre-Payment Plan work?

We’ll also start by estimating the costs of heating your home for the upcoming winter season. Once a figure is determined, customers can pay for their entire season upfront on July 1st rather than breaking everything into monthly installments. Some people prefer this method to get their heating bills out of the way for the entire year, without having to stress about budgeting for fuel during the (what can be very expensive) holiday months.

Contact Reggie’s Oil Today

It pays to plan ahead! Contact us to sign up or learn more about how one of these budget plans can help make managing your heating bills easier than ever. Enrollment for the 2023–2024 heating season is open until Saturday, July 1st. Give us a call before the deadline to reserve your spot.