Pricing Programs

Affordable Pricing Programs

At Reggie’s, our priority is ensuring all our Southeastern Massachusetts customers can afford the fuel they need to keep their homes warm and comfortable throughout the cold season. That’s why we offer various pricing plans that can work for any budget. To enroll in one of our pricing plans, simply call our office.


Capped Price Program

Our Capped Price represents the maximum per gallon price you will pay for next season’s heating oil. We purchase heating oil for our Capped Price Program at what we anticipate to be a low pre-season rate each summer. Please note this is not a fixed price program: you will continue to buy your oil at Reggie’s current daily price as long as that price is lower than the capped price, and you will have the benefit of not paying more than the capped price even if the price of oil increases. To take advantage of our Capped Price Program, sign up by July 1st each year.

There is an insurance fee to participate, but there are no penalties assessed if you decide to leave early. To enjoy the benefit of the lowest price program we offer, we kindly require you to also sign up for one of the following two methods of payment:

(1) Budget Plan: We will determine your oil requirements for the next heating season based on your typical annual fuel usage and multiply that amount by the capped price. That figure becomes our estimated cost to heat your home for next season. Our Budget Plan breaks that figure into 10 equal monthly installments to be paid from July through April. Finance charges will be added to installments not received by the first of each month, and missed payments will result in forfeiting the right to purchase your oil at the capped price.

(2) Pre-Payment Plan: The estimated cost to heat your home, as detailed under the Budget Plan above, will be paid in full during July.

Please know that your money is not at risk in either scenario. Any remaining funds are automatically returned in full at the conclusion of the heating season unless you indicate that those funds should be applied to next season’s program.

C.O.D. Customers

Individuals that prefer to pay as they go are welcome here at Reggie’s. C.O.D. customers must be at home when their oil is delivered and therefore cannot elect the automatic delivery option. We accept all forms of payment, including cash, money orders, and most major credit cards.


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