The Difference Between Heating with Oil vs. Natural Gas

Winter is right around the corner, so you are likely thinking about your home heating choices. When you’re considering the choice between natural gas and working with a heating oil provider, there are some things you should consider before making the switch to natural gas. The main difference between using heating oil or natural gas to keep your home comfortable is the provider: local suppliers, typically small businesses, provide heating oil delivery, and large corporate companies provide natural gas.

Reggie’s is a full-service heating oil supplier and HVAC maintenance business. That means we can deliver your heating oil and perform installations, repairs, and annual maintenance on your oil heat equipment. Unfortunately, customers don’t get the full-service features of heating with oil when they switch to natural gas. Natural gas is simply fed through its lines to your appliances, and the supplier is hands-off. This means you’ll have to find another company to work on your gas appliances. Reggie’s is pleased to work with their customers, no matter their needs. Keeping your fuel supply and appliances handled by one company simplifies your home comfort and streamlines your heating budget.

The Facts about Converting to Natural Gas

  • Natural gas is not so clean. Natural gas is 95% methane. Leaks from natural gas pipelines account for 18% of all methane emissions each year, and methane has 70 times the global warming potential of carbon dioxide. Many natural gas pipelines are over 50 years old, and these lines account for approximately 180,000 leaks each year in the US – according to the natural gas industry!
  • Meanwhile, oil heat fuel and technology are cleaner than ever. Today’s low sulfur fuel and biofuel blends mean fuel oil is cleaner than ever. And, with modern heating technology, oil is as efficient and clean as natural gas – without the pollution from natural gas pipelines.
  • Converting is a $ loser. One of the most respected consumer publications, Money Magazine, has stated that “the cost of converting [from fuel oil] would be higher than any potential savings you’d get.” On the other hand, an upgrade in oil heat equipment can cost half as much as a conversion. And, if your current boiler is 15 years old or older, you can save an additional 30% per year in efficiency.

Get 24/7 Emergency Service from Reggie’s

On top of that, Reggie’s is proud to provide 24/7 emergency service for your heating and cooling emergencies. So, when temperatures reach extremes in Southeastern Massachusetts, and your heating system has a major malfunction, you can count on Reggie’s to come and repair it! We are available to respond promptly to any emergency call, and we have a live answering service, so we can assist you immediately.

Streamline Fuel Delivery & HVAC from One Place

Today’s fuel oil is not only the most economical way to heat your home, but it’s also the best choice environmentally. When you work with a heating oil supplier like Reggie’s, you can stress less about your oil-fired appliances, knowing that we have you covered. You won’t get that kind of coverage with natural gas. Plus, working with a small business rather than a large company means you’ll know who’s delivering your fuel, working on your appliances, and who can help you if you have a no-heat emergency. This season, simplify your home comfort by becoming a heating oil customer of Reggie’s. Simply contact us to get started.