How to Read Your Fuel Gauge and Avoid an Oil Run-Out in MA 

When winter in the South Shore of Massachusetts is in full swing, homeowners order heating oil deliveries to stay warm. As you settle into the routine of monitoring your oil tank fuel level, follow these suggestions to simplify your ordering schedule and learn to read your fuel gauge in a few quick steps.

How to Read Your Oil Tank Fuel Tank Gauge

Are you familiar with your oil tank and how to determine when you need a heating fuel delivery? It’s a simple task you can easily monitor. Here are some steps to follow when keeping an eye on your oil tank:

  1. Visit your fuel tank. Most oil tanks are inside the home or located in the basement.
  2. Check the site glass on top of the tank, and read the dial as you would the fuel gauge on a car.
  3. You typically want to reorder heating oil when your tank reaches 25% or 1/4th

Avoid a Heating Oil Emergency

It’s a good idea to check your fuel levels routinely, so it becomes a habit. Take weather into account when planning your deliveries, too—heavy storms and extremely cold weather can make heating systems run longer and roads impassable—a combination that may cause a fuel emergency. If bad weather is on the way, please place your order in enough time to get a refill. Otherwise, you risk running out. Click here to learn about our emergency heating services.

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The Secret to Simplifying Fuel Ordering

The best possible way to decrease your chance of a fuel runout is by signing up for automatic oil delivery through Reggies’s Oil. This eliminates the human error anyone can make when monitoring their own fuel tank levels and allows the experts at Reggie’s to manage your deliveries. If you heat your South Shore, Massachusetts home with heating oil, we will manage your delivery schedule, so you can spend less time ordering fuel and more time doing what you love.

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