Joe Reggiannini began his career working alongside his father Armando, where he learned the trade in 1970 and worked by his side for nearly a decade. In 1979, Joe purchased an oil delivery business and took over his father’s burner repair business, merging them together and creating Reggie’s Oil Company, Inc. During the same year, Joe purchased Villa’s Oil and found himself with over 600 customers to serve. Having increased the size of his customer base, he realized he could no longer do both service and deliveries alone and as a result hired a part time oil driver.

Joe’s mother Kathleen (known by most as Kay) worked as the company bookkeeper (without computers) for nearly thirty years before retiring. In need of assistance within the office, his wife Patty joined in and worked part time while their three children were growing and attending school. She eventually became full time where you can still find her today – side by side with Joe.

The original office was located on Water St., Quincy in one room, which we eventually outgrew. In 2008 needing more room, we relocated less than a mile to 92-94R Franklin Street, allowing our oil trucks to be garaged from the New England weather elements. In addition, we now have a larger stockroom to accommodate our up-to-date inventory. The office size also has increased considerably, resulting in the ability to work more efficiently.

Joe has expanded the business over the years, which now includes installation and service of the latest energy efficient heating equipment and central air conditioning. Today, Reggie’s Oil employs five expert technicians and three skilled office staff personnel. The company serves more than 1200 customers throughout Quincy and the South Shore. Reggie’s Oil continues to be known for personalized customer service and expert craftsmanship.

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