Emergency Heating Services

We offer 24-hour emergency service on all types of heating equipment for our heating oil customers. At Reggie’s Oil, our priority is keeping your South Shore, Massachusetts home and family warm in any condition. If you are a heating oil customer, and you experience heat loss or a heating system malfunction at any time of day or night, count on a qualified Reggie’s Oil technician to service your equipment and restore heat to your property in a jiff. Simply call for assistance.

CALL (617) 471-2095

Providing emergency heating services for:

  • Empty oil tanks
  • Oil-fired furnaces
  • Oil-fired boilers
  • Oil-fired water heaters

Experiencing a heating emergency? Be sure to contact us by phone; that’s always the fastest way to reach our emergency team. Please note, we prioritize our existing heating oil customers when it comes to emergency heating service. If you are not an existing customer, please contact us to find out our availability to assist you. 

Steps to Minimize Your Risk of an Unexpected Emergency

Though our team here at Reggie’s is well equipped to assist your family in the case of an emergency, you can reduce your own stress by maintaining your equipment each year with a system tune-up. Annual maintenance significantly reduces your risk of a heat-out emergency, giving you the peace of mind you deserve. In addition, you can save up to 10% on operation costs by having us service your equipment each year. You can contact us here to schedule this important annual appointment.

To bundle your maintenance and repair costs, consider signing up for a service plan with our HVAC department. These plans include your annual tune-up along with other great offers and savings.


Call for 24/7 Emergency Service

As your Massachusetts home comfort provider, we can be trusted for emergency service around the clock. If you have a heating system emergency, day or night, rain or shine, give us a call at (617) 471-2095.


A Tip for the Savvy Homeowner

We recommend saving our phone number as a contact in your smartphone. In the case of an emergency, you can simply say “Hey Siri (or Google), call Reggie’s Oil” instead of having to fumble around on the Internet to find our number in a hurry.