Reggies Oil Delivery

Automatic Delivery:

An optional service which is both convenient and time-saving for the customer, our automatic delivery service provides peace of mind that you won’t risk running out of fuel. We don’t monitor or even need to check your fuel gauge to know your approximate usage; at our office, we track and record the heating degree day values as published by the National Weather Service with software designed specifically for the oil industry. This data is run through a formula that can very accurately calculate customer consumption based on parameters we enter. With this information, we can dispatch our drivers efficiently which allows for multiple stops for all customers in your neighborhood on the same day. In no way does this program affect the amount of oil you consume. Your annual heating cost will be the same whether we make four smaller deliveries during the year on our own, or you call us twice for larger quantity fill-ups.

Will Call:

If you prefer a hands-on approach and wish to determine for yourself when it’s time for a delivery, you may contact us any time during normal business hours and we will be happy to assist you with your order. Please remember that same-day service can not always be guaranteed and we recommend that you not allow the tank gauge to register below a quarter of a tank. Running low on oil can cause sediment to be pumped into the fuel line and ultimately into the burner which can cause clogging of filters and equipment.

It is important you observe your fuel level!

  1. Observation of Tank Gauge: When the gauge reads 3/8 to 1/4, it is time to call Reggie’s to order your fuel. Example; should you observe 3/8 and you call on Friday, we will try to schedule your delivery for Wednesday (3 business days).
  2. Run Out: If you ‘run out’ of oil, an empty tank needs to be primed and will be subject to a service charge as well as the cost of fuel.

Very important: We require a thirty-day written notice prior to any ‘change of address’ to stop all oil deliveries. This is necessary so you won’t be charged for an oil delivery that’s not yours.

Please allow up to 3 business days for delivery as a will call customer. Will call customers must call the office during office hours Monday thru Friday 7am-5pm to order oil – they cannot order via answering service. All deliveries must be paid in full within 30 days and/or before any other deliveries are made.

Emergency Oil Delivery

Reggie’s is proud to provide emergency heating oil delivery if you ever experience a runout. As your trusted home comfort provider, our priority is to keep you safe, comfortable, and warm. When you need a delivery, we are only a call away. We never leave our customers in the cold. The best way to prevent a runout is to check your gauge and order when it’s at ¼ a tank. If you experience a no-fuel emergency, get in touch with us for assistance.