Frequently Asked Questions

Q:   Why should I continue to heat my home with oil?
A:   Oil production in the U.S. is growing, and it is anticipated that the country will be a net exporter within the next five years. While prices among other commonly used home heating fuels will likely continue to fluctuate erratically, heating oil customers should not have to worry about disruptions in supply that may cause drastic price spikes. Read more here.

Q:   Why should I sign-up for your automatic oil delivery program?
A:   Make your life less complicated by letting us take the responsibility for keeping fuel in your tank. With Reggie’s Oil’s automatic fill program, you never to need worry again about , running out of fuel isn’t a concern, and neither is the financial obligations that can potentially follow. This service is convenient and there is no additional charge!

Q:   How do you know what my fuel consumption is?
A:   By using the degree day method to calculate a burning rate for your system, we are able to project fuel deliveries with an amazing degree of accuracy.

Q:   If I choose to call for my oil, is there a minimum amount I need to order?
A:   We have a minimum delivery requirement of 150 gallons for fuel.

Q:   Why should I have yearly maintenance on my heating system?
A:   A yearly tune-up is necessary for keeping your heating system running at peak efficiency. This will lead to lower energy costs over the life of your system as well as timely replacement of worn parts which can otherwise lead to costly repair bills in the future.

Q:   What does your service contract cover?
A:   Our service plans are available for your review on the maintenance plans page. If you would like further information, please contact us at your convenience.

Q:   What is the advantage of a having a service contract?
A:   Our service plans provide peace of mind that the majority of any potential repair bills will be covered, and a yearly tune-up is included in the service plan price. This is a cost-effective way to provide yourself with peace-of-mind heating and yearly maintenance to prolong the life and efficiency of your home heating system.

Q:   What sort of training and qualifications do you require for service technicians?
A:   Our technicians are state certified, where applicable, and attend seminars and schools to keep abreast of developments in technology and code requirements. We take great pride in our employees and use every opportunity provide you with service technicians who are coming to your home or place of business are fully equipped to assist you.

Q:   Can I pay your invoice on the Internet?
A:   We presently do not accept payments over the Internet; however, we offer several payment options depending on your preference. Please contact our office for more information or visit our Pricing Programs page for more information.

Q:   What other methods of payment do you accept?
A:   We accept cash, money orders, and most credit cards. Visit our Pricing Programs page for more information.

Q:   Why should I buy my oil from Reggie’s Oil?
A:   Unlike oil businesses that are not full-service providers, Reggie’s Oil offers quality heating and cooling service and installations, convenient fuel purchasing and payment programs, and dependable 24-hour emergency service. Our pricing is competitive, our values are honest, and our employees have your best interest in mind!