Heating & Cooling

Reggie's Oil Service & Maintenance

Equipment Sales and Installation:

Reggie’s Oil is an authorized dealer for all of the major brands of heating and air conditioning equipment available on the market today. Additionally, technicians at Reggie’s Oil have been known to be the best in the industry. Every technician is a licensed oil burner mechanic and has been factory-trained.

Annual Maintenance:

The oil burner is the hardest working component of your heating system and requires routine inspection and cleaning to be kept in peak operating condition. Did you know that simply scheduling a tune-up once a year can reduce your annual fuel costs by up to 10%? We recommend that you schedule a tune-up each year to reduce the risk of system malfunctions during the cold winter months, save on energy costs, and extend the life of your heating equipment. Annual maintenance for your air conditioning system(s) is just as important, as a cooling system that runs properly can greatly increase your home comfort in the summer and improve your indoor air quality. Our licensed technicians will clean and inspect all major components of your systems to maximize your equipment’s output.

Emergency Service:

We understand the need for an immediate response to emergency no-heat calls and take all steps necessary during the heating season so that qualified technicians are available if needed. Calls during bitter cold weather involving the elderly, the ill, or infants are situations that can become life threatening, so we treat this matter with high importance. In many cases, the solution to your no-heat problem is easily remedied, but we are prepared for whatever mishaps may occur with your system. We are available to respond promptly to any emergency call, and we have a live answering service so you can be assisted immediately.